Welcome to Clarence's Steak & Seafood House. Providing homestyle meals for over 45 years!

There is nothing quite like a hearty, flavorful home cooked meal—especially when you don't have to make it yourself or clean up afterward. At Clarence's, we will happily handle the messy part, so you can enjoy your evening out with family and friends while eating some delicious food. With a satisfying menu, you are sure to find the right dish for you.

We pride ourselves on using fresh ingredients and preparing your food right here, in house. An incredible amount of love goes into every dish, and you can absolutely taste the difference at Clarence's. Whether you are digging in to a pancake stack or a fresh cut Angus steak, every bite is packed with the flavors you love.

For family oriented, casual dining, come to Clarence's Steak and Seafood House today. We can't wait to serve you.